Custom New Home Build

Let Us Build Your New Home!

Britannia VK Construction Ltd can take your Custom New Home Construction Project from Design Concept and Plans to completion of your Dream Home. Whether you choose to build your new home in the City, the Suburbs, or out in the country, we provide all the building services you need. Beginning with the preliminary Plans, Site Selection, and Site Orientation, Permits, Plan Check, Utilities, Roads, Excavation, Wells, Septic, etc. Through Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, Insulation, Heating/Cooling Systems. To Completion Work of selecting and installation of Carpet, Flooring, Fixtures, Granite, Paint, Appliances, etc. We will work with you to ensure that everything works for you! We take care of all the specific building details in the home, making sure we provide you a home built to last a lifetime.