Building Extensions

Building Extensions

No-one wants to feel cramped and over-crowded, as families grow space can become a premium, everyone wanting an area to call their own. A larger kitchen, an office or study area, an extra bedroom for guests, even a special spot for reading or crafts. Whatever space you require we will work with you to produce an addition that complements your home and provides you with the extra space you need.

Britannia VK Construction Ltd unique team works on your ideas, offering you design options, detailed construction plans, and the ‘Perfect Finish’ that allows you to just walk into your new space.

For those who lack a backyard in their home, have you thought of expanding by the addition of a terrace or balcony? These extensions mean you could have a fantastic garden area for yourself, maybe a herb garden or a tranquil Japanese garden. If you dream of a garage or workshop this can also be realized. Our professional and experienced staff know how to interpret dreams and make a practical and beautiful addition to your home.

Building an extension or buying somewhere bigger? Struggling with what option to choose? Weigh up the upheaval of finding somewhere suitable, packing up and moving; against staying in your well-loved home – a much more practical and less time-consuming option when you use our company to build your extension. Our experienced and trained personnel take you effortlessly through every stage, and our craftsmen and builders keep the construction to a minimum disturbance. Our Perfect Finish (a full internal refurbishment) allows you a finished project ready to walk into and sit down. Financially an extension makes sense, house prices continue to rise, and then with Stamp Duty, agent’s fees, moving costs, it is no wonder moving is considered one of the top stressors. Building an extension, by contrast, will not break the bank, with our guidance, we will plan for every contingency keeping well within your budget.

One point to bear in mind is if you remain on-site while construction is ongoing. If the construction workers need access to every room, the best way to preserve your sanity and keep the project on track is to take yourself off-site for a few months, particularly if there are children in residence. Do not forget to add the costs of alternative accommodation to your budget.